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Advice about Wedding Music

I often get asked what are the most popular song choices for Wedding Ceremonies. The answer is: It really depends on what type of ceremony you are having! Although I would say my top two requests are 'Ave Maria' - Schubert & 'Songbird' - Eva Cassidy.

Is it going to be in a church or a venue or somewhere else?

If its in a venue, it is likely that you may have me singing as guests arrive (dependant on whether there is a Piper within alarming proximity - I'm not going to win that fight to be heard if they are near me but it can work!) Singing or an instrumental at the Processional, (Coming down the Aisle) The Signing of the Register and the Recessional. (Leaving your ceremony)

Ceremonies at Venues - Tips:

* Decide where you would like me to sing within your ceremony room. Sometimes couples want me at the front but sometimes its easier for me to be at the back of the ceremony room. If I am working with other musicians, being at the front may be even more difficult, depending on how the room is set up.

* Who is leading your ceremony? Minister, Priest, Celebrant? Make sure you communicate with them what I will be doing in the ceremony - I am also happy to in touch with them and answer any questions. Also if you are just wanting part of a song I am happy to co-ordinate with them so I can fade it out tastefully (whether its a backing track or live musicians) This is especially important in terms of the Processional - As you come down the aisle, as the aisle in a venue could be very small. My recommendation would always be to let the song play a bit before anyone enters - its nice to let everyone hear a bit of the song and set the scene before you appear!

At a Church of Scotland ceremony it would be similar but you may also want me to lead a hymn or two. This has become a huge part of the role I perform at ceremonies as some of the congregation may only come to the church for your wedding and may be unfamiliar with your hymns - even if you choose ones you know from school - so I am there to provide a confident lead from the front so its one less thing for you to worry about! One of the worst things is just hearing mumbling as people are not sure what they are doing, especially if there is more than one hymn!

In Catholic Ceremonies, I take on the role of Cantor, if you are having a full Mass they would include: Processional/Entrance Hymn, Psalm, Gospel Acclamation, Offetory Hymn, Communion Hymn, Singing of the Register & sometimes a final Hymn before the Recessional. It can also include other parts of the liturgy, which the Cantor or Priest may lead.


* Always run everything past the Priest - sometimes you may be allowed to have Secular (Pop etc) music but most of the time Sacred/Classical music is required and pop music is not allowed, each church is different, so make sure you run it past the Priest before you get your heart set on a particular song.

* Ask if the Organist/Pianist for the Church is available. Although I am happy to bring a Organist/Pianist, it is better to have someone who knows the Church and the Priest.

Popular Wedding Songs

Venue/Church of Scotland Ceremonies-

Make you feel my love - Adele (Written by Bob Dylan)

First time ever I saw your face - Roberta Flack

Can't help falling in love with you - Elvis

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Songbird - Eva Cassidy

At Last

Catholic Ceremonies

Ave Maria - Schubert

Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod

Laudate Dominum - Mozart

Panis Angelicus - Franck

Psalms -

You are Mine

On Eagles Wings

The Lord's My Shepherd

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